At school, it is just another October day. With reading, maths, and those tiring group work sessions. Back home there is homework to be done, and as the application requesting dismissal of today’s chores is denied, there is no other way than to make them a quick affair. Hoping that their quality is maintained within acceptable limits.

Then dinner awaits. A few vegetables to be consumed as a starter for tonight’s feast on this, the sweetest of all the evenings.

Finally, outfit secured, candy bag ready, ready to step out into the October darkness, a short breather while waiting for the sister to get ready. It is going to be a hectic evening!



BEAUTY asked God one day
This question: ‘Why
Didst Thou not make me, in Thy world, undying ?’
And God replying-
‘ A picture-show is this world: all this world
A tale out of the long night of not being;
And in it, seeing
Its nature works through mutability,
That only is lovely whose essence  knows decay.’

The moon stood near and heard this colloquy,
The words took wing about the sky
And reached the morning‐star;
Dawn learned them from its star, and told the dew—
It told the heavens’ whisper to
Earth’s poor familiar;
And at the dew’s report the flower’s eye filled,
With pain the new bud’s tiny heartbeat thrilled;
Springtime fled from the garden, weeping;
Youth, that had come to wander there, went creeping
Sadly away.

by Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”, from “The Call of the Road”



It’s not that I don’t cherish every moment we’re together. It’s not that I am not thankful for your every breath. It’s not that my heart doesn’t melt every time your eyes meet mine.

But it’s when I cradle you in my arms like this, that magic happens. The world is blocked out. Time comes to a standstill. And when our eyes meet in that fleeting moment that seems to linger for a lifetime, we are one.

You and me.


Nothing is as serious as a piece of candy on a cold October evening. Its powerful call makes them defy the tiredness after a long day in school, after homework, after chores, after dinner. It makes them get ready, paying scrupulous attention to details, leaving nothing to chance. This has to be just right.

When the make-up is on, the outfit adjusted and secured, the empty candy bag suspended limply over the shoulder, ready to receive this year’s catch of sweets, and they step outside into the chilly, wet October darkness, their transformation is complete.

There will be nightmares tonight!

My story

Why is everyone looking at me?
What do they see that I do not seem to notice?
What is different, or interesting, that I clearly do not recognize?
Is it some boldness in what I leave behind that seems to call their attention?
Making them turn their heads to me?
Or even worse, simply run away from me?

They do not see what I see, and feel what I feel. They do not recognize where I come from.
This freedom I possess overwhelms them, confuses them, humiliates them. They may think it is a burden, they may think it is a mystery; they may think I am just wild, or simply insignificant.

But they do not see what I see, they do not feel what I feel, they do not know what I know. After all, I fall over you only to remind you that you are still a human.

Thanks to Silent Reader for the text contribution.


A change, a break in the routine. A sparkle of life! Something rewarding, providing energy and joy, and taking everything you have. A transition in life. By life. A milestone.

An identity. So lovable, and so troublesome! So subdued, and so determined! So weak, and so strong!  So gentle, and so demanding! So delicate, and so harsh!

An addition, granted to you. So deserved! A blessing, rendering you forever grateful. Responsibility for a life, for life. With your life.

A dialogue, between two beings. Connection and deep understanding. Two selves, equal within, but worlds apart. Traveling on a path, together and separate.

An experience. Timeless, yet new. Common, yet unique. Small, yet immense. Insignificant, yet substantial. A wish from the soul, and a blessing granted.