When You Were Loved

When every dream
has turned to dust,
and your highest hopes
no longer soar.

When places you
once yearned to see,
grow further away
on distant shores.

When every night
you close your eyes,
and long inside
for something more.

Remember this
and only this,
if nothing else
you can recall—

There was a life
a girl once led,
where you were loved
the most of all.

– Text from “When”,  in Lullabies, by Lang Leav

En Route to Gaustatoppen

Gaustatoppen, considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain in Norway, towers above the town of Rjukan at an altitude of 1883 meters (6178 feet). The views from the top, as well as along the route, are stunning, and on a clear day, hikers can see one sixth of Norway from the summit!

The mountain is a popular destination for Norwegians, something I got to experience a few weeks ago. There was a constant stream of people all along the route. So many that there was a queue.

Many parents had brought their children along, the youngest ones walking, only three or four years old. Many of the children were crying and begging their parents to be carried, or simply refusing to go on. Most of the parents were ignoring their cries and telling them to keep going. This is something they simply had to do, and crying or yelling would definitely not help!

So en route to the summit of Gaustatoppen, with a backdrop of majestic Norwegian mountains, I got to witness the meticulous efforts of some parents to transfer what they believe to be core Norwegian values to the next generation. It was interesting to see how parents will always choose what they think is best for their children, no matter how much the little ones oppose.

I am Alone

There was a world far away, in which you and I lived.
Walking on the paths of our dreams, I said to you,
I admit, I am in love. If this is not love, what is it?

I am alone, I am alone, I am alone. Without you,
I am alone

Your innocence, your laughter. I miss your simplicity.
In my eyes, in my breaths. You are in my heart, in its beat

Our togetherness lasted centuries.
If you are not here, my heart is lonely.

Why did get upset with me, what was my mistake?
You left my world barren, all your promises were lies.

I am alone, I am alone, I am alone. Without you,
I am alone

I am alone, I am alone, I am alone. Without you,
I am alone

(Original in urdu by Raeth from their album Raeth)


Muhammad Anwar Soofi

Every year, on December 25th, Bazm-e-Ahbab-e-Pakistan, a social organization for Pakistanis in Norway, celebrates the birth of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Here, the general secretary, Muhammad Anwar Soofi, is watching a video being projected on the wall of the basement-hall rented for the evening.



I am sure the nights are not really longer. It’s just that I miss you the most during the small hours of the morning when I lie awake tossing and turning.

I am sure the winter is not really colder. It’s just that I don’t have your warm embrace to comfort me during those chilly winter evenings.

I am sure the park is not really deserted. It’s just that if you’re not around, I have a hard time seeing anyone.

I am sure you didn’t really mean to hurt me, the argument was a culmination of the cumulative distance between our hearts created by layers of time and space.

I am sure your phone is not really broken. It’s just that you’ve been too busy to call me, and I miss those stories of yours that always makes me smile.

I am sure there is no vacuum in my chest. It’s just that I still lose my breath when I think of you.



You always wear a mask,  because if removed, people will see you as a monster. You know you stand out when you hide your face like that, but it is still better than to be hunted for who you are. A small mistake, and you will discover that the road from love to hate is swift and paved with excruciating pain.

But tonight you will take it off. Tonight you will be yourself, and still blend in. Just a few hours away, you can almost taste the dry autumn breeze, nipping at your tongue as you stick it out.

Tonight no one will judge you. Tonight you will be invisible. It is your one night of true freedom. Ah, what a feeling that will be!



I pray that when you read this , you are safely on the other side of the ocean.

It was good to have you here as always. Remember that this city will always be eagerly awaiting your next visit, in whichever season it may be. And always receive you with a big smile.

Take with you all the good memories, leave behind any sad and awkward moments. Take with you the strength you gained, and keep with you the support you always have from this side of the ocean.

Remember that this city is closer than your own heart. Closer than the distance between you and sadness. Closer than the time it takes for a tear to slide down your cheek.

Forgive this city for all its shortcomings and mistakes. For its childish behaviour and immature nature. Look past its weaknesses and you will see goodness and friendship, and deep and genuine care. Look beyond it all and you will see yourself living in its heart.



Your carefree smile,
your tears of frustration.

Your  playful laughter,
your heart-rending cries.

Your repertoire of sounds,
your unambiguous communication.

Your drive to explore,
your fear of the unknown.

Your boldness and trust in your abilities,
your confidence in me.

Your defiance and determination,
your obedience and cooperation.

Your anger and resilience,
your unconditional love.

In everything you do and everything you are, I see perfection.
You are honour, fame, power. You are Izza, and this will always be your day.

Happy birthday!



At school, it is just another October day. With reading, maths, and those tiring group work sessions. Back home there is homework to be done, and as the application requesting dismissal of today’s chores is denied, there is no other way than to make them a quick affair. Hoping that their quality is maintained within acceptable limits.

Then dinner awaits. A few vegetables to be consumed as a starter for tonight’s feast on this, the sweetest of all the evenings.

Finally, outfit secured, candy bag ready, ready to step out into the October darkness, a short breather while waiting for the sister to get ready. It is going to be a hectic evening!



BEAUTY asked God one day
This question: ‘Why
Didst Thou not make me, in Thy world, undying ?’
And God replying-
‘ A picture-show is this world: all this world
A tale out of the long night of not being;
And in it, seeing
Its nature works through mutability,
That only is lovely whose essence  knows decay.’

The moon stood near and heard this colloquy,
The words took wing about the sky
And reached the morning‐star;
Dawn learned them from its star, and told the dew—
It told the heavens’ whisper to
Earth’s poor familiar;
And at the dew’s report the flower’s eye filled,
With pain the new bud’s tiny heartbeat thrilled;
Springtime fled from the garden, weeping;
Youth, that had come to wander there, went creeping
Sadly away.

by Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”, from “The Call of the Road”