Nothing is as serious as a piece of candy on a cold October evening. Its powerful call makes them defy the tiredness after a long day in school, after homework, after chores, after dinner. It makes them get ready, paying scrupulous attention to details, leaving nothing to chance. This has to be just right.

When the make-up is on, the outfit adjusted and secured, the empty candy bag suspended limply over the shoulder, ready to receive this year’s catch of sweets, and they step outside into the chilly, wet October darkness, their transformation is complete.

There will be nightmares tonight!



All my life I have been tethered. To the tree that gave me life. To the park that was my universe.

There were good days filled with sunshine, bright and warm. There were days where all I prayed for was for them to pass. These were dark, rainy, cold, days on which the wind almost seemed to succeed in tearing me away. Eventually they all passed, the good and the bad, and I was still here. My time had still not come.

Time never discriminates. No matter how cruel or how gentle the days, neither stood a chance against its steady trot, never looking back, never hesitating, always moving forward.

I heard stories of other places, near and far. Tales of wonderful sights, terrible fates, daring adventures. And I imagined myself being part of the unknown, the mystery.

I started to feel the change some time ago, the coldness in the air and the shifting of color around me. Changes even in the way I feel. Then, on a crisp Sunday morning in early October, a strong gust of wind took me by surprise and tore me away. In a split second, something happened that could never be undone. I was tethered no more!

Of all the stories I heard about near and far, of other worlds, none were as surprising as my new reality. I am free! My home is anywhere and everywhere. Bonded only to the unpredictable will of the winds that carry me, I feel reborn and energized. Every day bringing new adventures under blue skies.

But I see angry clouds in the distant horizon. New adventures, no doubt. I am alone. This much I know: No matter how dark and angry, they will eventually find tranquility. Time does not discriminate, and it always triumphs. With it, I will see happiness again.



Last night the whole world could enjoy this year’s largest and brightest moon due to a combination of full moon, and the fact that the moon was closest to earth in its orbit. I was lucky to see it hanging brightly in the cold, clear Oslo night yesterday. If you missed it, and if the sky is clear where you are, go outside and take in the view!

The moon is a frequent visitor in many of Iqbal’s poems. This is one I like:

Solitude, by Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”, from “The Message of the East”
I went up to the ocean and, addressing a wave, said:
‘You’re always restless; tell me what is it that troubles you.
You have a million pearls enfolded in your garment’s skirt,
But do you, like me, have a heart – the only pearl that’s
true ? It squirmed, retreated from the shore, and uttered
not a word.

I went up to the mountain and said, “O huge heap of stone!
Can you not hear the wailing of a heart in agony?
If in your stones there is a gem which is a drop of blood,
Then speak, O speak, to a sad soul that pines for company.
If it had breathed, it breathed no more, and uttered not a word.

I travelled long in upper space, approached the moon, and said:
“O ceaseless wanderer, is there any rest ordained for you?
Your radiance makes the whole world gleam white like a jasmine field.
But is your breast aglow with a live heart whose light shines through?”
She looked round at the starry crops, and uttered not a word.

Transcending sun and moon, I went up to the Throne of God.
“There’s not a thing,” I said, “I can be friends with, not a thing.
Your world is heartless, while my dust is all of heart’s stuff made.
A pretty garden, but not the kind of place to make one sing.”
He answered with the smile He wore, and utterd not a word.

Happy New Year!


In a few short hours the whole city will erupt in celebrations. People will dress up and get ready to party. They will defy the sub zero temperatures and go outside to light fireworks and to watch. Even the city will spend hundereds of thousands of kroners to put up a spectecaular display of  pyrotechnics.

Today I ask myself, what is so special about this evening and the day tomorrow that needs celebrating? I feel that the day tomorrow is a little too random to be special in any sense. The first day of a new year, given that we count using the Gregorian calendar. There are other calendars and other starts of a new year. There are other events that deserve remebrance and celebrations.

The nice thing about today, tomorrow and the days ahead, however, are the good wishes and the greetings. I’ve already received a number of them from friends and family, and also handed out a few myself. Celebrations or not, it is always a good time to remember your friends and your family, and to greet them with good wishes. It is always a good time to have an excuse to talk to old friends and to loved ones, far and close. And it is always a good time to pray.

I think I will celebrate by calling some friends, by sending some messages with good wishes, and by praying. Wishining everyone peace and prosperity. May your prayers be heard!


A change, a break in the routine. A sparkle of life! Something rewarding, providing energy and joy, and taking everything you have. A transition in life. By life. A milestone.

An identity. So lovable, and so troublesome! So subdued, and so determined! So weak, and so strong!  So gentle, and so demanding! So delicate, and so harsh!

An addition, granted to you. So deserved! A blessing, rendering you forever grateful. Responsibility for a life, for life. With your life.

A dialogue, between two beings. Connection and deep understanding. Two selves, equal within, but worlds apart. Traveling on a path, together and separate.

An experience. Timeless, yet new. Common, yet unique. Small, yet immense. Insignificant, yet substantial. A wish from the soul, and a blessing granted.

Happy new year!

A year has passed and another is before me. As always it’s time for reflection. A time for looking back at all that has happened. The good experiences, the mistakes I’ve made, the chances I’ve missed. And of course, my lucky breaks. It’s time to reflect on the past to prepare for the future.

But above all, it’s time to move on. Always to move on. As the The Poet of the East, Iqbal, writes:

To move, to move, for ever move!
No creature of this world knows rest,
Nowhere can fabled peace exist,
All things condemned by tyrant laws
To wander, stars, men, rocks, and trees-
On motion all this world’s life hangs:
Such is the ancient doom of things
Swift runs the shadowy steed of time
Lashed by desire’s whip into foam,
And there’s no loitering on that path,
For hidden in repose lurks death:
They that press on win clear-the late,
The laggard, trampled underfoot.

 Happy new year to all!

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