I am sure the nights are not really longer. It’s just that I miss you the most during the small hours of the morning when I lie awake tossing and turning.

I am sure the winter is not really colder. It’s just that I don’t have your warm embrace to comfort me during those chilly winter evenings.

I am sure the park is not really deserted. It’s just that if you’re not around, I have a hard time seeing anyone.

I am sure you didn’t really mean to hurt me, the argument was a culmination of the cumulative distance between our hearts created by layers of time and space.

I am sure your phone is not really broken. It’s just that you’ve been too busy to call me, and I miss those stories of yours that always makes me smile.

I am sure there is no vacuum in my chest. It’s just that I still lose my breath when I think of you.

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